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Miswak Chewing Stick

Did you know that a portion of the world uses Miswak or Siwak daily to brush their teeth.  That’s right, a majority of the people from Muslim countries uses it daily.  Studies have found that Miskwak is better than toothpaste for preventing gum disease.  The miswak is obtained from the twigs of the Arak tree.  The important benefits of Miswak is that: (1) it kills gums disease causing bacteria; (2) fights plaque; (3) fights against caries; (4) removes bad breath and odor from mouth; (4) creates a fragrance in the mount; (5) effectively clean between teeth due to its parallel bristles; and (6) increases salivation and inhibits dry mouths.

The Chicago Wrigley Company made a study on Miswak and found that mints laced with Miswak extract were 20 times more effective in killing bacteria than ordinary mints.

We are not advocating that you stop using toothpaste, you are only bringing this up as an alternative and specifically for those who need to fight gum disease.  This is something that isn’t always mention by your dental help provider or by your dental insurance company.